The original waterproofing wax, Altberg Leder Gris is ideal for treating your medium and heavy leather boots.

A mixture of 70% wax and 30% oil, this high-quality boot care product not only adds a vital waterproofing layer but contains oil that will penetrate into the leather to help to keep it supple and flexible.

This can help to delay cracking from occurring where the boot flexes, helping your boots to last for longer.

This waterproofing wax is easy to use - simply apply the wax oil to leather boots or shoes with a brush to ensure the oils penetrate deep into the leather.

The oil in the Leder Gris has been designed to replace the natural oils in the leather, which can be lost when boots dry out.

The wax element of the polish remains on the surface of your boot providing vital waterproofing to protect your boot and feet from wet conditions.

Leder Gris boot wax has been designed for use in average UK conditions. It is suitable for regular application as it won’t over soften your boots or damage the leather even if used frequently.