Jerry Can 20 Litre Military Spec

Type: Jerry Cans


The World famous steel fuel cans are built to the highest Military Spec quality. with a number of unique features which set them apart from cheaper alternatives including a more robust construction, a wider breather pipe and a corrosion resistant lining.

Suitable for the storage of petrol and diesel.

Not suitable for water storage.

20 Litres = approx 4.39 Gallons.

military spec

Features Include:

• Powder coated rust-resistant exterior paint

• Interior Rezol enamel lining prevents rust

• Leak-proof bayonet cap with locking pin

• Extra wide breather valve for a fast, smooth pour

Weight: 4.3kg

Dimensions: H 470mm L 165mm W 345mm

D Approved & Certified UN Dangerous Goods Approval

Australian Standard: AS 2906
Sweden Standard SP
German Standard TÜV/GS