Zebra Camping Pot 14cm



Zebra billy cans and camping pots are made to an exceptionally high standard using stainless steel, and have been in production since 1966.

The Zebra camping pot or lunch box is a solid stainless steel lunchbox that comes equipped with a folding handle, inner plate, folding top handles and a side clip to securely hold it all together.

Zebra are a well-respected brand in the bushcraft world and outdoor camping market.

These Zebra bushcraft pots are great for storing food or other perishables, and are equally perfect for storing tinder and other bushcraft fire lighting tools.

Many of our customers also use them for their pets who travel with them on their outdoor trips.

Zebra camping pots offer outstanding value for money, they're precision made and very solid, literally built to last a lifetime.

Dimensions - 10cm by 14cm

Capacity - 0.7 litre

Construction: Stainless Steel