Zebra 14cm Loop Handle Pot (Plastic Clips)



They are the favoured pots of a lot of instructors for their strength, longevity and all round usefulness.

They have a notched loop handle for ease of hanging over a fire and this particular modal has a removable auto locking system for the lid so you won't spill anything if you happen to put it down on un-even ground.

Every pot also has a removable tray/plate inside that can be used in situ to steam food or can be removed and used as a plate.

Used all over the World the Zebra Company have been making top quality Stainless Steel products for years

The advatage of Steel over Aluminium is that Ally tends to lose its shape after a while the Steel variants just last a lot longer.

An excellent addition to any camp kitchen.

This Zebra Pot now has the option of upgrading the lid clips from the standard plastic clips to a pair of metal variants so that if you are cooking over an open fire or solid fuel stove you do not melt the plastic clips.