Wood Jewel - Leuku Knife (100183)


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This is a fine piece of handcraft made in the Finnish part of Lapland in a traditional northern Scandinavian way.

The Handle is made from a combination of curly birch, thin layers of leather, lighter birch pieces and stained curly birch (darker parts).

The Sheath is made from tough wet-formed half-tanned leather and features an embossed Bear and its tracks.

It is attached to a Reindeer leather belt hanger.

The Blade is approx 14.5cm (5.8 inches) long, is Very Sharp and is made from high Quality Carbon Steel hardened to HRC 63-65 and tempered to HRC 59 to balance ductility and brittleness.

The blade is natural carbon black except for the grind.

The blade extends with an internal tang.

This knife has a large blade that allows it to function in many different ways. It can be used like a mini machete, cutting down smaller trees, chopping branched off trees and shaping wood.

However it is also small enough to use for whittling and carving and due to its size will allow the user to get more force behind the blade.

It is a very sharp tool that could easily be used for skinning a larger animal.

This is a knife model that has been used by hunters culling Bears in northern Sweden.


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