Wilmas Elddon Traditional Fire Lighting Kit


Wilma's natural products are made in Swedish Lapland, and Wilmas  utilises the knowledge and techniques that have been preserved for generations by the people who live and work in the northern forest. A wonderful little kit that contains everything that would have been required to make a fire in the ages before the invention of matches.

A flint and steel, coupled with tinder that reliably catches a spark (such as the spongy fungi Fomes fomentarius), were invaluable resources to the people of the north in bygone days.

This Kit is all neatly packaged in a nice box are Flintstone, a traditional Firestriker steel, Amadou (Fomes Fomentarius), shavings of "Fatwood" from Scandinavian pine tree stumps and a bundle of last years dried grass.

The Instructions are included - the rest is up to you!

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