TBS Canvas Zebra Billy Can Bag 10cm


TBS Canvas Zebra Billy Can Bag 10cm is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

TBS Gear has always striven for quality and our canvas bags are simply the best on the market. They are heavier duty than many other well known companies products and will last FFAAARR longer.

We have made the important decision to have our bags made by a British Disability Collective and with British made cloth. This Collective supports the less advantaged in our society to help themselves through valued work and, which is just as important, they produce a seriously high quality product for us to supply you!

Soot and sticky residue has always been a problem when you are cooking over a wood burning stove or a fire and when you come to put your gear away it gets all your other gear filthy. Well what you need is one of heavy duty canvas bags.

There are 4 sizes available and we have have obviously centred the design around the ever popular Zebra Billy Cans but they are useful for all sorts of other applications.