Reindeer Tanned Hide

Type: Mats

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Reindeer Tanned Hide 

This high quality tanned fur hide has a luxurious deep, thick pile in various shades of silvery greys, browns and whites - the unique markings make this hide an individual piece in any home.

These are great for decoration on walls and as throws for chairs, sofas or beds. The compact deep fur hide is able to trap air in its hollow hairs adding warmth and insulation.

They were traditionally used in Sami homes. Due to the nature of their hair, some reindeer hides are prone to shedding, although shedding can be minimized by keeping your reindeer skin away from direct heat sources such as underfloor heating, fireplaces and radiators.

To prevent the hair from drying out and becoming brittle you can periodically spray your reindeer hide with the fine mist setting of a water spray bottle. This will help prevent hair breakage and over-drying of the hide, although the purpose is not to soak the hide, rather just cover it with a fine mist. Please note that these are decorative items and are not suitable for using as rugs, or seat covers.

They are not suitable for outside use.

These are  beautifull and originally from Sweden farmed by the Sami people of Lapland

Sizes are approx but may vary from Hide to Hide 120 cms 947 inches) x 82 cms (32inches)