UST Reflective Emergency Blanket


Another essential for your pack or Bug Out Kit

Conserving up to 90 percent of body heat, the compact, lightweight, and waterproof UST Survival Reflect Blanket can be used for heat deflection, body heat insulation, and as a wind or rain barrier.

This protective gear is ideal for wilderness survival and home emergency preparedness, the aluminized blanket can also be seen from a distance, making it a suitable emergency signaling device in a pinch.

Lightweight survival blanket reflects your body heat to keep you warm; great for camping, backpacking,
emergencies, international travel, and more

Wrap yourself up for body heat insulation, or as protection from rain and wind

Conserves up to 90% body heat

Aluminized blanket can also be used as an emergency signaling device; can be easily seen from a distance

Easily spotted from a distance

52" x 83" (132cm x 211cm)

Weighs 1.6oz (45g)