Opinel - No.8 Gardening Knife


It is the ideal tool for weeding or picking lettuce and dandelions.

Its pointy toe and reinforced blademake it indispensable in the garden

Sort of a cross between an Effilé and a Tradition in terms of handle and blade style, but with a thicker and stronger blade for garden/workshop use.

Very handy!

A really nice all-around home/garden/work knife.

Super sharp and strong stainless steel blade for easy maintenance and stain-free use.

The blade folds into the handle and includes the simple and effective "Virobloc" Opinel-exclusive blade locking device, to lock the blade safely and securely in the open or closed postion.

Beechwood handle with a hole in the end so you can thread a lanyard so you don't drop it in among the petunias.

Makes a great gift: Comes packed in a very nice box, in a sort of Euro "retro look" style with natural board and green printing

** You Must Be Over 21 Years Old to Purchase this Product **