Male Parade Shoes new RAF



A Sturdy pair of shoes for Air Cadets or for school, these will last longer than high street brands.

We sell as many of these shoes for school as we do for Air Cadets, some people will buy 2 pairs 1 for school and 1 for parade.

Another purchaser of the parade shoes are Funeral directors, smart and non slip soles are a must in there profession.

As young peoples feet grow so fast look at our Super Grade 1 Shoes to save you some money.

These parade shoes are built to last

RAF Parade shoes with Oxford toe cap

Double leather lined,

With rubber sole

Oxford front shoes

Size range 5 -13

Ideal for the Air Training corps (ATC), or just a smart pair of shoes

Also Available Kiwi Parade Gloss great for Bulling (shining) those Parade shoes

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