Lowa Zephyr Mid Boots GTX


A staple of the LOWA Task Force Collection, the Zephyr Tactical Mid-Boot has become a popular choice amongst those serving in special forces worldwide. Versatile, lightweight and built-to-last, these black boots have been designed with their wearer’s safety and comfort in mind, and are able effectively to provide both without compromising on performance. This is achieved through a combination of state-of-the-art technologies and the practical application of nearly 100 years experience in the footwear industry.

Perfect for urban terrain and natural landscapes, LOWA Zephyr Boots come with GORE-TEX® Carbon Extended Comfort Footwear membranes that stall the onset of fatigue during long patrols, hikes or marches. GORE-TEX® Fabric is able to achieve this by allowing moisture and heat to be drawn away from the feet while preventing water, wind and weather from getting in. The protective, comfort-enhancing qualities provided by the GORE-TEX® lining are complemented by the LOWA Zephyrs’ uppers, which are made from a combination of suede leather and Cordura® fabric.

These two materials work together to ensure the LOWA Zephyr mid-boot’s uppers are as durable and hard-wearing as they needs to be. Both are inherently damage-resistant and while suede may not offer the same degree of waterproofing as Cordura®, this can be easily remedied using LOWA Water Stop Pro Spray or other similar treatments. What’s more, these tactical boots also come with LOWA Cross soles that have a special tread pattern to maximise grip on all surfaces.

Available in 13 sizes between UK 4 and UK 13, LOWA Zephyr Black Tactical Boots are also available in Coyote Tan, Desert and Dark Brown for use with UCP, MTP or multicam coloured uniforms and clothing.


Construction: slip lasted - injected sole
Upper: suede leather, 1.4 - 1.6 mm + Cordura®
Lacing: closed hooks & fabric loops
Lining: GORE-TEX® Carbon Extended Comfort Footwear
Sole: LOWA "Cross"
Upper height inside/outside: 110/145
Usage: moderate terrain (light-weight military boot)
Weight: 1120 g/pair
Task Force collection
Available in UK size 4 - 12 in 1/2 sizes & 13

Available from 16/6/21

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