Lil Leo Magnetic Work Light and Lantern


The Lil Leo is a new version of the Lil Larry and takes the product to another level.

This Torch is  one of those products that doesn't immediately grab you as something you need until you actually realise how useful a product like this is.

It is incredibly bright and, because it is magnetic and has a belt clip it can be attached to all sorts of places.

The main difference between the Leo and the Larry is that the Leo also has a folding head and a an extra spotlight type torch in the end.

The LEO™ is an amazingly versatile pocket light.

This Torch is dimmable and equipped with Memory Power Setting, the LEO’s work light and spot light pivot and rotate to direct the light wherever you need it.

A pocket clip, magnetic base and a kick stand / hanging hook give the LEO endless options of hands-free 


• Work Light (220 lumens) - 5 hours / 22 meters

• Spot Light (80 lumens) - 7 hours / 52 meters


Rotating directional light

 Non-slip rubber coating

 Water and impact-resistant

 Fully Dimmable

 Memory Power Setting

 Pocket clip

 Powerful magnetic base

 Kick stand / hanging hook


 Top-positioned, ON/OFF button; hold to dim


 Powered by 3 AAA batteries (included)


 0.7 lbs.