Light My Fire Tinder Sticks






The best, all-natural way to start your fire or BBQ

The Light My Fire TinderSticks are the best all-natural way to start your fire or BBQ.

Made of stumps from cultivated pine from the highlands of Honduras, our fire starters have 80% resin content, making them extremely easy to light, even when wet.

Due to the high resin content, they burn hotter and longer than paper or paraffin -- one or two sticks will light any fire or BBQ.

They high resin content is also key to its ability to burn in all weather conditions since it is the resin that is burning not the wood.

Don’t use harmful chemicals that emit noxious fumes, use the natural and environmentally friendly TinderSticks.

• Easy to light, even when wet
• Natural fire starter
• Efficient hot flame from resin
• Reliable

• Stumps (waste) from cultivated pine trees, Pinus Montezumas
• High resin content – up to 80%
• PEFC cetified wood
• PEFC certified hemp cord
• Made in Honduras