Karesuando Kniven - Northen Lights Damascus Steel 10cm Knife


Karesuando Kniven - Northen Lights Damascus Steel 10cm Knife is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This is a very fine piece of handcraft made in the Swedish part of Lapland in a traditional northern scandinavian way.

The Blade is 10cm (4.2 inches) long, 2.4cm (0.95") wide and 3.2mm thick, is Very Sharp and is made from high quality Damascus Steel (HRC 58) produced by Damasteel AB. It has been sharpened with a flat Scandinavian grind and a slight secondary grind to preserve the damascus pattern. The Damascus steel is made using RWL34 and PMC27 (both stainless RSP powder steels) that have been laminated in over 100 layers and then torsion twisted and shaped. This blade holds an exellent edge. The blade extends with an internal tang that stretches approx 2.5" into the handle and is secured very firmly so that it will not come loose. In fact Karesuando offers a Lifetime Guarantee that if the blade comes loose you will get an new knife straight away! Basically the blade will never come loose! The internal tang design is very beneficial from a weight perspective.
The Pattern of the Damascus blade is a customised pattern especially developed for Karesuandokniven called "Northern Lights". It is a twist pattern that has a wavy effect resembling the wavy Northern Light that can be seen in the arctic north of Swedish Lapland were this knife was made. The image below shows the Northern Lighs pattern in the middle, between "Twist" and "Rose".
The Handle is made from oiled and stained curly birch, reindeer antler and a brass bolster finger guard.
The Sheath is handmade and stitched together from cow hide leather in a slick and functional design with a belt loop at the back.
This knife is brilliant for dealing with game when shooting, deer stalking and hunting. It is also suitable for carving and could be used in all kinds of outdoor activities such as survival exercises, bushcraft and camping.

Casstrom Limited is a family owned company started by David Cassini Bäckström, who grew up in the Swedish part of Lapland. He has a solid background in the business, being a third generation entrepreneur trading in handcrafted knives, leather and antlers in his family. David grew up with arctic wilderness on his doorstep and in a culture where survival skills, hunting and knife handling is part of your normal upbringing. He is very delighted to be able to bring part of this heritage and lifestyle to the growing market of individuals inspired by a culture in which a knife is a tool and not a weapon.

The company offers traditional Nordic quality and fine craftsmanship of cutting tools, axes, leather goods and accessories. The products are made mainly in Lapland, spanning across Sweden, Finland and Norway, and the northern parts of these countries. Most products are handcrafted and made using the natural materials of the arctic north such as curly birch, reindeer antler and moose antler, reindeer leather and hand-forged knife blades and tools. These materials are not components of mass produced imports without soul, but part of a tradition of well-renowned Scandinavian knife-making and crafts.