Hygiene Hand Tool - Antimicrobial Brass - For Everyday Tasks, Helps Reduce Exposure to Germs

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Type: Multi Tools

The ORIGINAL Hygiene Hand Tool is made in the U.S.A. completely out of brass, which is antimicrobial in nature and is designed to offer a more germ-free option to opening doors and using shared surfaces like checkout screens or ATMs by working as a stylus and button pusher.

The world is changing and we have to start adapting to a new, more germ-conscious way of living. Designed by a retired NY City Paramedic, the Hygiene Hand Tool is made entirely from a solid piece of brass which is inherently antimicrobial, to help decrease the spreading of germs while performing some of your everyday tasks.  

Brass is inherently antimicrobial

Brass is sustainable and 100% recyclable

Brass is corrosion-resistant and holds up very well against harsh elements and repeated use

Brass will oxidise over time leaving a natural patina that gives it a classic, refined look

Can fit with your keys onto a key ring.

Please note the Hygiene Hand Tool is not a cure or prevention from Coronavirus or other pathogens but can reduce contact with shared surfaces such as ATM's, door handles, touch screens and buttons. The Hygiene Hand Tool should be used as part of and should not replace your Coronavirus prevention measures, such as complete hand washing and social distancing. Even though brass is antimicrobial and viruses will not naturally thrive on it, we still recommend wiping down your Hygiene Hand Tool after use.