Exped Bergen Liners For British Army Bergen

Type: Dry Bags


Exped Olive Drab 140L Bergen and 13L Pocket Waterproof Liners
Custom made for the military by Exped, the liner is 140L and the pockets are 13L in volume, which will waterproof a standard Bergen.

The Exped Bergen Liners are 100% waterproof and dustproof. This is thanks to the hot-air taped seams that go all the way around, and Exped's fold and roll closure system which ensures that nothing gets in or out.

The durable water-repellent treated webbing and taffeta-coated nylon with 10,000 mm water column means you can be sure that all your belongings, whether it be your bedding, your clothes or your valuables, will be safe and dry.

The Exped Bergen Liner is designed especially for large 140L Bergen rucksacks, and the two smaller Side Pocket Liners are designed to fit inside the side pockets of the rucksack.

Bergen liner (140 L)
Side pocket liner (2 x 13 L)
Taped seems all around
Soft but durable PU-coated taffeta nylon
Hydrostatic head: 10,000mm