British Army UBAC Multicam New

Type: Shirts

This is the 3rd Generation - 100% Genuine British Military (Army, Royal Marines, RAF) MTP under body armour combat shirt.

This is a full MTP print menaing both sleeves and body fabric are 100% MTP patterned even under IR conditions.*The British UBACS is commonly found to be the best of the combat shirts made for any military.

This are *Designed to be worn under vests and body armour and aid in keeping you cool in hot weather .Durable and with Coolmax mesh fabric which dries and cools you quickly.

This  Shirt has a Velcro enabled slots for padding as well as Velcro sealed shoulder pockets and a zippered collar with collar cover.

Large  Canadian tab buttons for cuff adjustment. are constructed from olive coloured anti-static Plastic 

Coolmax Body  fabric which is moisture wicking - keeping you cool and dry. Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP) is the British version of Multicam.

Well made and durable! Size guide: Small = 36 - 38

chest Medium = 39 - 41#

chest Large = 42 - 44

chest XL = 46 - 48

chest XXL = 49 - 52

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Have bought a couple of copies- YOU CANNOT COMPARE TO AN ORIGINAL !
It’s great 👍