British Army Sleeping bag liner New

Unissued, genuine British Army olive poly cotton liner for the current issue modular sleeping bag system, machine washable and essential for maintaining the condition of the interior of the sleeping bag in field conditions. Quick drying and comfortable next to skin, the sleeping bag liner is designed to fit into the medium weight bag with a face window matching that of the the medium weight bag, and twill ties located in head, foot and sides for the medium weight bag. The liner has its own double zipper which can be opened from the top or the bottom, and double zip pull on the top zipper. the liner also has its own zip and self-adhesive baffle, and can be used as an ultra light sleeping cover by itself if conditions are dry and warm enough. Machine washable material is convenient to look after and will help to perserve the interior of the sleeping bag from many sweat stains, mud stains, dust and dirt. Size 

approximately 214cm tall, 79cm wide at the shoulders and 43cm wide in the footwell.