BioLite - CampStove Original

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Wood, Cones, Pellets, Not Gas and charge your phone whilst you cook!

This Cooker/ Charger is ideal for Festivals where gas is not permited, no smell like you have with petroleum based cooking tablets.

With the BioLite CookStove, it's all about the fire.

The streamlined CookStove provides 30 hours of clean wood cooking on a single charge of the USB-rechargeable airflow system.

Four fan speeds control flame size, enabling you to boil rapidly or enjoy a campfire feel.

Leave the gas canisters behind and cook meals using the sticks around you.

This stove is perfect for campers looking for the basics: smokeless flames and freedom from fossil fuels.

Looking to turn your fire into electricity? Why not Check out the BioLite CampStove.

A Fun and Easy Intro to Outdoor Cooking with Wood

Burn wood and create a portable campfire that  you can cook meals and boil water in minutes.

This can Charge the internal battery of you phone  for a weekend of smoke-free cooking with easy set-up, free fuel and hyper efficient flames that perform on par with gas stoves.

Add the BioLite Kettle Pot or Portable Grill to create a fully integrated cooking system.

Burn Sticks, Twigs, Pine cones & Pellets - Forget gas canisters and enjoy a smokeless wood fire

Control Flames with Air Flow - Four fan speed settings to control flame size

Compact, Nested Design - Store power pack in burn chamber to save space

Integrates with BioLite Cooking Accessories - Works with the Kettle Pot and Portable Grill for all your outdoor cooking needs