Altberg Boots Sneeker Original MOD Brown


Altberg Boots Sneeker Original MOD Brown - MOD Brown / 6 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

High Leg, Ultra Lightweight Tabbing Boot – part lined with Cambrelle®

Altberg’s best selling lightweight tabbing boot is now available in the new MOD Spec Brown colour.

The Sneeker® Original is a high leg, ultra lightweight tabbing boot (630gms, size 9). The boot has a non-waterproof Cambrelle® lining around the foot, heel and ankle. The leg is unlined.

Leather: Soft, supple, lightweight Nida full grain 1.6-1.8mm 1st quality European hides

Lining: Cambrelle® - foot and ankle only

Midsole: Individually moulded for each size to give correct support / flex

Sole: Vibram® Masai and micro cushion midlayer for shock absorption during heel strike and ‘toe off’

Sizes: UK 6-13.5 (inc ½ sizes)

Widths: Stock boot – medium and wide fitting.

Weight: 640gms (size 9)

Height: 23cms (size 9, including heel)


Leder-Gris Original Colour – MOD Brown Apply with a brush After 1 minute, brush vigorously with same brush Leather does not have to be completely dry before applying

Leder-Gris. Leder-Gris may still be applied when leather is a little damp If leather is constantly going through a cycle of wet and dry, or if there are signs of ‘leather hardening’, which can lead to ‘flex cracking’ –

Apply an occasional, ‘one-off’ treatment of Leder-Gris Xtreme