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BCB International - Adventure Combat Survival Nato KIt


This BCB Combat Survival Tin is ideal to have to hand in emergency situations and has everything you need for survival in the field.

This Kit Features practical low weight but good quality kit packed into a robust and durable storage tin, the components of this kit can give you the tools you need when you need them most.

Whether its to Build a fire, construct a shelter, find some water, catch some food or get  get rescued - the BCB Combat Survival Kit will help you do all these things and more

All content fit into a water proof tin slightly larger than a tabacco tin

Contents: Are

Micro Torch

Water resistant tin
Vinyl tape
Button compass
Purification tablets
Snare wire
Fireball Flint & striker
Fishing kit
Sewing kit
Safety pins
Wire saw
Survival instructions
Accident evaluation form

Weight: 195g
Size: 11 x 8 x 2.8cm

NATO Approved
NSN: 8456-99-126-6980