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Jack Pyke - Savanna Knife



A great bushcraft companion with knife and sharpener

Fixed Stainless Steel Blade

Rosewood Handle

Nylon Sheath

Includes Blade Sharpener

Total Length 35cm (13.5”)

Blade Length 22cm - (8.5”)

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Looks good so far

After a little sharpening (sharpening tool included) and oiling of the handle got included) this has all the makings of a great field knife. The sheath looks substantial to be safe to carry on a belt. A bit disappointed the order and delivery did not require ID for proof of age to avoid scrotes buying as a weapon.

David shaw

Lovely piece of kit ,well made, and a fair price

Great knife, great service

This is great knife. Just the right size for what I need.
What sets Becketts apart is the customer service. My online order was delivered with a hand written note. Thanks Toby

Emil Vasilev
Great looking knife

Great and look awesome ,nice and heavy .I bought one more today because two is always better than one .

Lorne Chisholm
Knife broke in half! Don't see how it's anygood other than for stabbing and definitely not for bu...

Knife broke clean in half and you could clearly see all the casting faults and air pockets trapped in side the blade that created a fault line that gave way while being tapped through a piece of wood to split it!,
Says in description for Bush craft if that's your intention don't buy this knife as it won't last five minutes, the only use I can see for this knife is to stab something! Wich I should really hope your not buying it for that reason, as far as a survival knife you'd be better of with a piece of sharp slate of the ground, sharpener is useless at sharpening and only scratches up half the blade ruining presentation of the knife, yes it was only £35 but that's £35 wasted as now it's completely useless and let's be honest who casts a knife for anything you use pressure to expell all the air from the mould resulting in a knife that wouldn't have broke like this one did! just gop smacked at how easily it snapped there was no real force used at all would of been stronger if they had made it out of solid ice ❄ 😂