Victorinox - Swiss Army Knife Ranger



Welcome to the world of the Officer's knife. This is where the legend of the Swiss Army Knife began.
And it continues today with the Ranger pocket knife. If you're a professional forest ranger or if you just like to play one on the weekends, this is the Officer's knife for you.
Its 21 functions are designed to take whatever the forest might bring, so you can head out with confidence
  1. large blade
  2. small blade
  3. can opener
  4. screwdriver 3 mm
  5. bottle opener
  6. screwdriver 6 mm
  7. wire stripper
  8. reamer, punch and sewing awl
  9. corkscrew
  10. scissors
  11. wood saw
  1. nail file
  2. nail cleaner
  3. metal saw
  4. metal file
  5. screwdriver 2.5 mm
  6. chisel 4 mm
  7. multipurpose hook
  8. toothpick
  9. tweezers
  10. key ring

** You must be over 21 years old to purchase this product **


Height 23 mm
Net weight 118 g

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