Victorinox - Swiss Army Knife Minichamp



It's a little knife with big ambitions.

With no less than 18 functions packed into a slim profile that easily slips into your pocket, the MiniChamp pocket knife is the champion among small knives.

Keep it with you all day long and you won't even notice it's there. That is until duty calls, and then the MiniChamp is at your service. Pull it out and win the day.

· Thin Blade 
· Nail file 
· Nail cleaner 
· Cuticle Pusher 
· Flat Blade Screwdriver 
· Ruler 
· Letter Opener 
· Emergency Blade 
· Orange Peeler & Scraper 
· Bottle Opener 
· Magnetic Philips screwdriver 
· Wire stripper 
· Keyring 
· Ballpoint Pen 
· Tweezers 
· Toothpick 
· Scissors

** You must be over 21 years old to purchase this product **

Height 15 mm
Net weight 45 g

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