UST Gear Snake Tie Down


UST’s Gear Snake bendable steel wire cord with flexible foam rubber coating easily attaches gear or equipment together without knots to tie or hooks to slip.
Ideal for tie downs, the strong, durable twist-tie material can be cut to length as needed with scissors or a knife.

Perfect for camping, backpacking, hunting, and more, the Gear Snake cord won’t rust, slip, or stretch. It has a 16.5-foot length.

Cut-to-length wire twist-tie material

Strong and durable

Flexible plastic coated bendable steel wire

Perfect for attaching gear or equipment together

No knots to tie or hooks to slip – just twist the ends

16.5-foot length of bendable wire cord with safe foam rubber coating; glows in the dark

Easily attaches and ties down camping and hunting gear without tying knots — just twist the ends

Won’t rust, slip, or stretch

Easily cut with scissors or a knife


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