Brisa Borka 90 - N690 Scandi - Green Micarta-2850


With the Borka 90, Brisa has a folding knife alternative to the Trapper 95.

This Beautifully made robust pocket knife is particularly suited for bush craft and hunting. This EnZo Borka 90 has a strong back-lock and can be opened with one hand by the thumb stud.

The handle is made from green canvas micarta and almost does not need any maintenance. The ergonomics of the handle are extremely well-designed.

Your hand fit exactly around the beautiful curves and this gives a lot of control over the Borka 90.

The blade is made of Böhler stainless steel N690Co, and is maintenance-free. The knife is razor-sharp delivered with a strong Scandi-grind. N690Co steel retains its sharpness well and is easy to sharpen. Blade length (sharpened part): 8.7 cm. weight is 145 gram